What you should know about sublimation printing on textiles

What you should know about sublimation printing on textiles

Advanced printing is supplanting customary techniques in different areas of the designs business. While there are a few explanations behind this change, it is predominantly determined by productivity, the capacity to tweak prints and the adaptability of these machines.

Imprinting on materials is no special case. Conventional screen printing is offering an approach to computerized material printing arrangements, for example, sublimation printing for little series creations or for prints requiring different tones and visual symbolism. Advanced choices are likewise undeniably appropriate for the personalization of prints, which is amazingly famous nowadays.


Sublimation printing is a method that utilizes heat delicate inks. These inks transform into gas when warmed and are joined with a 100% polyester backing. As the ink turns out to be important for the construction of the material, the pictures imprinted on the texture don’t blur or break, even after various washes.


You need an assortment of things to make sublimated materials, from banners, shows, sports and style wear, home stylistic theme things and substantially more.

Printer and ink

A great printer outfitted with sublimation inks is fundamental. The Roland Texart is a progression of printers explicitly intended for sublimation printing. The printers are accessible with Texart ink in four (CMYK) or eight tones (CMYK, Lc, Lm, Gold and Vi). These inks comprise of many shading components and are profoundly focused, which is important to make delightful, distinctive and fresh pictures.


You additionally need RIP programming to control your printer and deal with your print occupations. ErgoSoft is the market chief in the advancement of programming for material sublimation. Roland offers the product called “ErgoSoft Roland Edition” for nothing with its Texart printer. When you purchase your Texart printer, you can thusly be certain that you will likewise have the best programming to control your machine. It likewise offers wonderful shading the board and a multicolor motor (for orange and purple inks).

Move paper (sublimation paper)

To make excellent sublimation prints, you should utilize move paper with high ink assimilation and quick drying limit. The paper ought to stay level and can’t twist in the wake of printing. It is additionally significant that the paper wicks away ink when warmed. Roland’s sublimation paper meets this load of standards and is accordingly the ideal paper for your sublimation prints.


Printing is the initial phase in the warm sublimation measure. With the goal for sublimation to happen, you need warmth and pressing factor. Warmth presses are accessible in many sizes and shapes, however, “roll-to-roll” sublimation requires the utilization of a calendar. Roland DG offers the Texart CS-64, a quick, prudent, and simple to utilize proficient calendar framework, making it the ideal completing accomplice for the Texart sublimation printer.

Sublimation happens at the very least temperature of 180 ° C. Contingent upon the material, we suggest a temperature somewhere in the range of 185 and 200 ° C, and an openness season of around 55 seconds to at the same time heat the ink on the exchange paper and the polymer strands contained in the help, along these lines guaranteeing the ink move onto the last mentioned. If it’s not too much trouble, note that you should change the temperature or openness time when the outcomes are not good.


While picking a material for sublimation printing, decide on a 100% preshrunk polyester texture. This forestalls shrinkage whenever heat is applied. Roland DG offers a material impeccably fit for sublimation printing.

Defensive paper

In case you are utilizing a calendar, you likewise need a defensive paper that guarantees ideal ink moves to the texture during the sublimation interaction and shields your calendar belt from ink. Roland’s defensive paper is the ideal decision.


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